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About Wooden Looms Rug Gallery

Start with a rug and the rest will fall in place!

Wooden Looms is a Rug Store established in Austin, Texas by two brothers and a wife who served in the rug industry for more than a decade leading to a leveraged relationship with top quality weaving vendors around the world. Thus, we source the best quality rugs to fit your design and colors. Wooden Looms welcomes both interior designers and retail customers. We Strive to ease your experience and make it as enjoyable as possible. Feel free to call/text us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Meet The Owners



Mike earned his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Orleans. At that time, he got engaged to Sarah and decided moving to Austin. He ended starting his career in the Rug Business with his in-laws. After a decade of experience, he decided to begin his own journey with his beautiful wife Sarah and his brother Sam and open their own store Wooden Looms Rug Gallery.

Mike is very passionate for this business. He loves trying new designs and colors with weaving vendors bringing new merchandise to the industry. Moreover, he enjoys traveling overseas to buy fine one-of-a-kind rugs and do his negotiating. Mike welcomes the opportunity to share his expertise and knowledge for education and consultations about cleaning, repairing and maintaining your rug.

Away from the professional world, you will definitely find  Mike on a cruise ship. He loves spending quality time with his family and enjoys food from different cultures.



Sarah earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Texas State University. She worked in the business industry for more than 15 years leading to high levels of customer satisfaction and providing superior service to customer needs. 


On the other hand, her love and appreciation for handmade rugs was formed at a young age due to her family being in the business for a long time. Moreover, her own personal artistry gives her unique insights about interior décor that everyone find invaluable. Thus, she is ready and excited to share her knowledge to ease your rug shopping.

Away from the professional world, Sarah is happily married to Mike. She is an amazing mom to a gorgeous 7-year-old, Tuline, a 3-year-old, Celine and baby Juline. In her free time, you will definitely find her in the kitchen for her passion to baking. Her Coffee Cake is a must try!



Sam earned his master’s degree in Structural Engineering from The University of Texas at San Antonio. During his education, he was working in the rug business to support his tuition. However, the bond and passion to this art increased with time and decided to leave engineering behind.


From an engineering standpoint, the foundation is the main element of any building. Sam believes the same in rugs. They are the foundation of any room. Thus, he always says "Start with a rug and the rest will fall in place!”


With a decade of experience. Sam has earned valuable knowledge to understand your needs and bring the best rug options that will fall in your place. Moreover, his diligence and highly organized skills will definitely  ease the process!


Away from the professional world, Sam enjoys traveling and exploring vivid views all around the world. He also enjoys long walks with his beautiful husky Athena!

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